The Best Ways Of Using Nasal Aspirator To Get Rid Of Your Baby’s Stuffy Nose And Its Benefits

Many parents and guardians agree that babies with blocked noses are often irritable and touchy. This situation also ensures that the affected babies will often cry out for care and relief. Unfortunately, babies do not yet possess the conditioning to get rid of nasal congestion. You’d have to lend a helping in clearing your baby’s nasal blockage. You can receive assistance in this regard using a nasal aspirator.

A nasal aspirator is a device that works using suction to draw phlegm from your baby’s nose. Nasal aspirators are easy to use, affordable, and bring quick relief to your child. The nasal aspirators consist of a rubber ball base with a tapered end in the form of a needle or syringe.

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Best Ways Of Using Nasal Aspirator

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A nasal aspirator is capable enough to get the snot out of your baby’s nostrils. The following tips provide the best ways to make use of a nasal aspirator:

Using A Nasal Aspirator

Start by squeezing the air out of the bulb of the syringe to create a vacuum. Proceed by gently inserting the rubber tip into one nostril. You should gradually release the bulb to suction out the phlegm. Retrieve the syringe and squeeze the bulb forcefully to force out the mucus into a tissue. Ensure you clean the syringe and repeat the process for the other nostril.

Cleaning The Nasal Aspirator

It is essential that the nasal aspirator is cleaned thoroughly, to prevent infection and your baby contracting diseases. For effective cleaning, you can use warm, soapy water after each use. You should also squeeze the bulb with the tip in soapy water to clean the inside as well. Shake the soapy water inside the bulb vigorously,  before squeezing it out. If you have the type that you can unscrew to open, then wash the insides with a sponge.

Using The Newer Models Of Nasal Aspirator

The more modern form of the nasal aspirator comprises a nozzle,  a long piece of soft tubing as well as a mouthpiece at the other end. The device works by placing the nozzle at the tip of the nostril and using the mouth to suck out the mucus with suction. A filter in the tube blocks bacteria and keeps you from breathing in any germs.  You can clean this nasal aspirator by taking it apart and washing with soap and warm water.

Other Practices That Complement Using A Nasal Aspirator

Using Saline Spray

The saline spray works best in breaking up the mucus in baby’s nostrils. Put your baby on his/her back and tilt their chin. Employ a dropper to drop one to two drops of the spray into their nostrils. Endeavor to let the solution stay in baby’s nostrils for at least ten seconds. You can make your saline spray at home. Dissolve a ¼ teaspoon of salt into eight ounces of warm water. Use the solution as prescribed.

Note that health professionals recommend using saline sprays for no more than four days at a stretch.

Use A Steamed Bathroom

You can enhance the effectiveness of a  nasal aspirator with the use of a steamed bathroom. Run a hot shower for some minutes; when the bathroom is steamy, sit in the room with the baby for some time. This process proves effective in loosening the mucus in the nostril of the baby.

You Can Turn On A Humidifier

Humidifiers are another great companion in helping a nasal aspirator clear your baby’s stuffy nose. A cool air humidifier helps in getting your baby to sleep in quick time. The device also brings relief and clears nasal stuffiness as well.

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Elevate Your Baby’s Mattress

Research shows people find it easier to breathe through a congested nose when the head is raised a bit. However, while the practice of placing a pillow beneath your baby’s head is not recommended, you can work off the mattress. Elevate the bed by placing towels underneath the head portion of the mattress, to help your baby cope with the congestion.

Benefits of Using A Nasal Aspirator

1. Nasal Aspirators offer easy and gentle relief from the effects of a stuffy nose.

2. It enhances better breathing.

3. The device prevents the onset of sinus/mucus infection.

4. The tool is easy to clean.

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